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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 31, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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(voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em.
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it can be tough living with copd... but i try not to let it slow me down. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance...
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ben fell in love with the scent of gain laundry detergent in 1972. ( ♪ ) more than 30 years later, not much has changed. ( ♪ ) gain. to smell it is to love it. what are you waiting for? to its employee storbenefits package gain. to smell it is to love it. at no direct cost to the company... it was a perfect fit. find out more at aflac!...
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. . . . . between an environment at risk
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and an environment in balance. between consuming less and conserving more. there is one important word: how. and it is the how that makes all the difference. to the planet we all share.
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i'm pretty much the same as i am in a plastic bottle? except that you'll save, like, $600 bucks a year. but other than that, we're pretty much the same. pur. good, clean water.
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. good morning, thanks very much for being with us on the most news in the morning. it's friday, the 31st of july as we mourn the passing of yet another month of summer. >> that's a happy way to start the show. >> john roberts. >> carol costello in for kiran. following several developing stories this friday morning. break them down for you in the next 15 minutes. the picture the world was waiting to see. the president, the professor, and the police officer, kicking back over beers at the white house saying they're ready to move forward. >> it


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